Starting, or growing, a business are crucial moments in the life of a company. Changes in production type, rate and even packaging can make things logistically challenging.

The 9330 supports you from your very first line and adapts as production scales up. A trustworthy partner as your needs change, it provides the best, most reliable marking solution at a competitive price.

Your challenges

  • Finding a cost-effective marking solution that can evolve with your capacity needs.
  • Picking equipment is easy to install, use and maintain on your own.
  • Ensuring quality codes always, even after long storage periods.

Our solution

  • Designed for low to medium duty applications, the 9330’s unique flexibility can easily handle evolving printing needs and ensure quality coding for more than 8,000 hours of production*.

Key benefits

  • Its modular Intelli’Swap design makes changing the all-in-one M6’ ink circuit so easy it can be done in under 6 minutes.
  • The specially developed Intelli’Ink portfolio ensures optimal coder performance and flexibility when coding different package materials.
  • Its automatic cleaning system coupled with its Intelli’Jet technology provides clean, hasslefree start-ups and quality codes, every time.

*Recommended preventive maintenance procedure: 8,000 hours.


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